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There are two (2) real time Zoom Webinar/Meetings (online).  Zoom Webinars/Meetings are held real time via the internet that participants could attend from anywhere, using their Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet and each session will last approximately 30 to 40 minutes.  The course instructor will inform students of graded assignments for these Zoom Webinars/Meetings.  For students who cannot attend a scheduled Zoom session, a recording of the Zoom meeting will be made available on Canvas, under the tab, “Files” that can be found on the class’s Canvas site (left-hand side of the screen).  These meetings are not mandatory but you are highly encouraged to participate.

Zoom Meeting Log-In Information

Please follow this link:  https://husson.zoom.us/j/978808896

Join by phone: 

     +1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788 US Toll

Meeting ID: 978 808 896 

    International numbers available: https://husson.zoom.us/zoomconference 

Rationale for Assignment: “Tell me, I’ll forget.  Show me, I’ll remember.  Involve me, I’ll understand.” – Chinese proverb.  One of the most profound and lasting outcomes of learning is not from listening but from being actively engaged in conversations and discussions with others in the class and exchanging ideas and knowledge gleaned.

Due:  Zoom Webinars/Meetings are scheduled on Wednesdays at 7 pm on 03/16 & 03/30, 2022.

Zoom 1 @ 7pm on 03/16 – Graded Assignment due on 03/23

Zoom 2 @ 7pm on 03/31– Graded Assignment due on 04/07

Grade Value: These real-time Zoom Webinars/Meetings will have graded assignments that are worth 20% of the total course grade.

Zoom 2 Graded Assignment: Workplace Bullying

(1)  Do you consider Monica Lewinsky as a victim of workplace bullying and harassment?

(2)  What do you think would taken place if this similar situation would have happened today?

  • Please post your own initial answers to the 2 questions posed and you should respond to 2 or more of your classmates’ postings
  • Due Date: Sunday, 04/03 and Thursday, 04/07/2022

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