write paper for dancing cultures title of assignment dancing cultures survival of 4515171

write paper for dancing cultures

Title of Assignment:

DANCING CULTURES: Survival of Traditional/folkloric Dance in the USA

Due Date: June 14th


Write a 2.53-page paper. Choose a country outside of the United States and research two styles/genres of traditional/folkloric dance. Analyze the cultural and historical significances of each style; Discriminate regional influences and discuss the historical presence/impact of these dances both in the United States and country of origin. You must include a separate reference page.

There will be resources available for this assignment located in BOOK TWO. In MOODLE, look for “Dancing Cultures Paper Support.”

Detailed instructions for this assignment will be available on Sunday, June 4th. Pertinent information for this assignment may be emailed as well.

2.5-3pgs, 1.5  spacing, refs and cite as required


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