Woolworths group analysis | Financial markets homework help


1.  Describe the Woolworths group, so your manager has a  comprehensive understanding of its operations. Woolworths group

2. Find three news articles from the last 4 weeks about  Woolworths group and briefly  summarise each article. Explain how the event(s) detailed in the new articles have  affected  Woolworths group. In addition, find an article related to  Woolworths group and  the COVID-19 pandemic, which could have been published at any time since 2019. Explain  whether Woolworths group has been impacted and how your company has fared during the  COVID-19 pandemic.FINC5001 Foundations in Finance Semester 1, 2021

3. List the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sector, industry, and sub-industry  for  Woolworths group. List one other public company that is in the same sub-industry  as your chosen company and briefly describe its operations. This competitor does not have to be listed in any of the indices above. (like coles)

4. Present a table of a current “stock quote” with the following characteristics: (1) Current  Price (2) Market Cap (3) Beta (4) P/E Ratio (5) EPS (6) Earnings Date (7) Forward Dividend  and Yield, and (8) Ex-Dividend Date for both your chosen company and competitor.  Define, interpret, and compare each characteristic for your manager.  

5. Compare the P/E ratios of your chosen company and the competitor to the average P/E  ratio of the industry of your chosen company. Discuss. 

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