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Define global integration as used in the context of strategic international management. In what way might globalization be a problem for a successful national organization that is intent on going international? In your answer provide an example of the problem. 

Consider that both a retail chain any manufacturing company wants to expand overseas. What environmental factors would have the most impact on these companies? What ratio of environmental scanning to internal analysis should each employ? What key factors of success differentiates the two?


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3. Some international management experts contend that globalization and national responsiveness are diametrically opposed forces and that to accommodate one, a multinational must relax its efforts in the other. In what way is this an accurate statement? In what way is it incomplete or inaccurate?

For smaller multinational corporations that have a smaller amount of employees, especially if the amount of employees are heavily concentrated in the home country or internationally; this statement is accurate. However, if a multinational corporation has a relatively large employee population with equally dispersed labor and an appropriate strategy, both objectives could be accomplished.

7. What conditions have allowed firms to be born global? What are some examples of born-global companies?

When firms are able to begin global business relatively quickly after their inception and maintain these international relationships, they are considered to be born global. For example, Amazon’s strategy of international shipping allowed for quick global growth that enabled their company to have the capital to expand and dominate the product shipping market.


Alyson McGregor DB

Chapter 8

5. AB InBev is attempting to expand in India, where beer is not widely consumed and liquor dominates the market. What areas should be targeted for strategic goals? What could be some marketing implications in the India market?

AB would need to conentrate on their marketing and ability to be profitable. MNC’s need to be more profitable in their foreign markets more than they do in their domestic markets. 

7. What conditions have allowed some firms to be born global? What are some examples of born-global companies?

Born global companies focus on global presence, they begin exporting globally after some time of their start. They also provide quality products to international countries. Some examples of born global companies include Amazon and Logitech. 

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