Week2 discussion-anatomy and physiology. | anatomy and physiology 2

                          please read all instructions thank you

1. APA format 

2. 350 word count maximum

3. topic tile : describe the components  and physical property of blood; describe in general terms how blood is produce 

4. using article -microfluidi

and textbook anatomy and physiology -the unity of form and function 

5. RESEARCH (has to be labeled)

please use the article provided and textbook to answer the topic tile. 

       -the explanation /background of the topic by sharing the interesting and current research.

       -use APA citation in the text for clarification.

       -please use text as a reference. 

6.CRITICAL THINKING (has to be labeled)

       -only for thoughts and conclusions, not for research.

        -by using everyday phenomena in terms of the scientific concepts in your research 

         – observations and draw conclusions

            -supply detail information or what you understand the article and topic 

          -how does it relate to other concepts in the topic.

please review the article thank you. 

       please provide word count .

thank you.

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