Week 8 assignment – content sequencing, instructional strategies, and

  Week 8 Assignment – Content Sequencing, Instructional Strategies, and Message

Week 8 Assignment – Content Sequencing, Instructional Strategies, and Message


In the Instructional Objectives, Assessment, and Evaluation assignment (Attached as a PDF), you identified the instructional objectives, created your assessment, and outlined the appropriate evaluation approach for your project. For this week’s assignment, you will determine the proper instructional sequence based on your learners’ needs, develop instructional strategies that support the course content, and identify delivery strategies (the message) for your audience.


Write a 3–5 page paper in which you: 

● Identify the content sequencing strategy, e.g., learning-related or task expertise, that correlates with the learning objectives and task analysis.

● Develop three instructional strategies that are appropriate, based on the instructional sequencing strategy. 

● Outline the instructional message for the project.

○ Include the pre-instructional strategies.

○ Explain how you will signal the structure of the text through words and typography. 

○ Determine how pictures and graphics will be used in the instructional materials. 

● Use three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate.

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