Week 5 discussions part 1 burdens of stepmothering/ part 2 | COUN 5545 | Webster University

Part 1

Week 5: Burdens of Stepmothering

List and explain some of the burdens of stepmothering noted in the Hoffman article.  Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Minimum 350 words 

 Part 2 

Week 5: Experiences of Step Mothers

Chapter 6 discusses in detail the experiences of step mothers, upon reflection, which experiences did you find most shocking and why?  Support your comments with citations from the text.

Minimum 350 words 


· Gold, J. M. (2015). Stepping In, Stepping Out: Creating Stepfamily Rhythm. Wiley.

o Chapter 6

· Hoffman, R. M. (1995). Why is stepmothering more difficult than stepfathering? National Stepfamily Resource Center. Retrieved from 

· http://www.stepfamilies.info/articles/why-is-stepmothering-more-difficult-than-stepfathering.php  


· Parenting with the Experts: Step-Families


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