Week 1 learning activity | HCA 415 Community & Public Health | Ashford University

10 Essential Services of Public Health

[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 5]

Before beginning this activity, review The Public Health System & the 10 Essential Public Health Services (Links to an external site.) web page, as well as the following PowerPoint presentations: The 10 Essential Public Health Services (Links to an external site.) and United States Public Health 101 (Links to an external site.).

This activity is a matching game where you are given a real-life scenario and must match the activity to the correct public health service. To receive full points for this interactive, you must earn at least an 80% score on the activity. You can complete the activity as many times as you like within the first week to get at least an 80%. Be sure to complete the activity in one sitting. Once you receive an 80%, your score will automatically transfer to the gradebook and the Learning Activity can no longer be retaken for a higher score. If you do not receive at least an 80%, you will not receive any points and must retake in order to get at least 80%. This graded learning activity is worth 4 points.

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