Unit 8 db: creative way to teach math concepts

 How many times do you have to see something before you have learned it and committed it to memory? In this video, a preschool teacher talks about how she incorporates a single math concept, such as shapes, into many different activities. With this approach she exposes the children to the concept many different times and in many ways. As you watch, pay close attention to the different ways that the students are learning about shapes.In your initial response, answer the following questions:

  • List the basic mathematical concepts covered in the video.
  • Describe an activity to use in a Math or Activity Center. Identify the age group and choose a developmentally appropriate concept. Use this guide to help select a concept that follows the math sequence development for your chosen age range.
    • ages 1-2: size; shapes; position words (top, bottom, middle); counting.
    • ages 3-5: patterning; sequence; counting; numeral recognition; numeral formation.
    • ages 5-8: addition; subtraction; money recognition.

With your peers, discuss the activity ideas for a Math or Activity Center that you each shared. Suggest variations to the activities (such as a different age group and/or a different Learning center – dramatic, art, water, language, movement, etc.). 

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