toshiaki minamiyama is a successful business executive over the years he has allocat 4521479

Toshiaki Minamiyama is a successful business executive. Over the years, he has allocated a portion of his large salary to the building of an investment portfolio. He currently has a net worth of $800,000 (exclusive of retirement plans), as follows: Minamiyama seldom trades his investments, as his strategy is to hold various types of investments for a long time in order to delay any tax that may occur on their disposition.(He is in the 45% tax bracket.) In fact, he chose not to dispose of any investments when he needed money to purchase his house and sailboat. Required: From a tax planning perspective, what would you recommend he do in order to enhance his wealth accumulation? If possible, quantify how he would benefit from your recommendations, assuming a five-year time period.

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