tom and gail form owl corporation with the following consideration the installment n 4521462

Tom and Gail form Owl Corporation with the following consideration: The installment note has a face amount of $350,000 and was acquired last year from the sale of land held for investment purposes (adjusted basis of $240,000). As to these trans actions, provide the following information: a. Tom’s recognized gain or loss. b. Tom’s basis in the Owl Corporation stock. c. Owl Corporation’s basis in the installment note. d. Gail’s recognized gain or loss. e. Gail’s basis in the Owl Corporation stock. f. Owl Corporation’s basis in the inventory, equipment, and patentable invention. g. How would your answers to the preceding questions change if Tom received com mon stock and Gail received preferred stock? h. How would your answers change if Gail was a partnership?

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