There are three major platforms that share the market: windows, mac,

There are three major platforms that share the market: Windows, Mac, and Linux.  

*Select your favorite one and compare your selection with the other two. 

*Explain why do you think that platform is superior to the others?  *Discuss the pros and cons when analyzing.  Make sure you articulate sufficiently and possibly support your arguments with some research.

*Add two additional statements about this topic for comments on other student’s posts.

Articles, Websites, and Videos REsources:

The article discusses some key features associated with a specific Windows build which is Build 16251 software update for the Windows 10 operating system, manufactured by Microsoft. Some of the components being analyzed include the redesign of the Cortana feature, interconnectivity between Android smartphone software and desktop software, elimination of log-in requirements, and a portrait mode for the Continuum feature.

*Hachman, M. (2017). Microsoft slips four more features into the Fall Creators Update with build 16251. PCWorld, 35(9), 14.

The authors of this paper examined open source software and how through fixing issues, identified by user feedback, as soon as solutions are isolated, leads to improvement of the software.

*Javed, Y., & Alenezi, M. (2016). Defectiveness evolution in open-source software systems. Procedia Computer Science, 82, 107-114. 

Supplemental Resources:

This paper provides a fairly comprehensive tutorial to a relatively new programming language called Mezzo.  The authors of this paper present Modular formalization of Mezzo’s core type system.

*Alabonski, T., Pottier, F., & Protzenko, J. (2016). The design and formalization of Mezzo, a permission-based programming language. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages & Systems, 38(4), pp. 1–94.

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