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The War on Poverty and the Black Liberation

Every other week, select a person, entity, event, or place from the assigned reading. Also, select a related primary source, i.e., newspaper article, photo, song, cartoon, etc. from the time period under investigation. Using the assigned reading and primary source, discuss how the person, entity, event, or place you chose illuminates the historical circumstances, viewpoints regarding, and/or issues undergirding black liberation and anti-racist justice struggles.

the reading:

·Introduction: Peace in the struggle pg. 1-14

·Chapter 5: the war on poverty: Emergence of an organic intellectual pp. 117-144

4 pages

·have to cite sources MLA format

access and view, or download the full reading here:

One requirement from the student: do not do the photo option
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In January 2014, House Speaker Paul Ryan stated that the War on Poverty had failed. Ryan was speaking at a dinner that was held to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of date President Lyndon Johnson coined the term “War on Poverty,” which was his State of the Union Address of 1964. Ryan did not have to justify his claims because it is fairly known that all conservatives hold this view. Up to now, liberals and conservatives are quarreling over whether the war on poverty has failed over the years since Johnson launched it. The war on Poverty is an event that has affected millions of people in the United States, especially in the first decade after it was launched. It is an event that had some implications for the black power movement and the affairs of the African American community. The program later stopped and had been criticized for not achieving the goals it set out to achieve. Though the War on Poverty had provided some positive change for poor black people such as jobs and housing opportunities, it later failed due to lack of coordinated efforts and inadequate funding……..

APA 1229 words

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