The More I Am Attempting To Do Them The More Frustrated I Am Becoming Lol Thanks

Hi there, I need some help with these problems. The more I am attempting to do them, the more frustrated I am becoming lol . Please help.  


1. Deli Delights budgets food costs to account for 68% and entertainment costs to account for 28% of total costs. What is the ratio of food costs to entertainment costs?

I kept getting different answers but according to our study guide, we are given a sample multiple choice question and I can’t get either one lol

a. 7:17

b. 17:7

c. 14:34

d. 34:14

2.Material cost of a fan belt is one-sixth of total cost, and labour cost is nine-elevenths of material cost. If labour cost is $16, what is the total cost of the fan belt?

a. 110.46

b. 112.54

c. 115.84

d. 117.36

3.Marco calculated his 2012 taxable income to be $52,750. Using the 2012 federal income tax brackets and rates, how much federal income tax should he report?

Taxable Income

(Income tax brackets)

Tax Rates$42,707 or less 15% of taxable income less than or equal to $42,707 to $85,41422% of taxable income greater than $42,707 and less than or equal to $85,414; plus$85,414 to $132,40626% of taxable income greater than $85,414 and less than or equal to $132,406; plus Over $132,40629% of taxable income greater than $132,406  

a. 8615.51

b. 8724.65

c. 8878.56

d. 8892.94

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