The Material This Week Focuses On A Period Of Vast Uncertainty And Change In Ame

The material this week focuses on a period of vast uncertainty and change in American history. Following the Civil War, no one quite knew what was to come as the country reunited and rebuilt. Innovation and industry also initiated change and growth like never before. All of these things came together amid an environment of political and social change as the decades leading to the turn of the century came closer.


1. How did the experiences of one group of Americans change during this period? You can pick any group to trace this period – freed slaves, immigrants, women, soldiers.

2. What role did violence in the South play during Reconstruction? Include a discussion of a group that emerged during this period.

Primary source

Mississippi Black Code, 1865

Frederick Douglass on Remembering the Civil War, 1877

 don’t forget to summarize and answer the following questions!

Mississippi Black Codes

1. What do these codes reveal about life in Mississippi following the war?

2. What can we learn about the experiences of freed men and women during this time period from this document?

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