The great migration | English homework help

Please read the following selections in your coursepack:

  • – Gilyard, Keith and Anissa Wardi. African American Literature.
    • – Chapter 6 Introduction, “Stories of Migration”
    • – Rainey, Ma. “Traveling Blues”
    • – Smith, Bessie and Clara Smith. “Faraway Blues”
    • – Morrison, Toni. Excerpt from Jazz
    • – Ellison, Ralph. Excerpt from Invisible Man


Explain why the Great Migration is seen as a central event in African American literature. In what ways do the assigned writers convey the contradictions and assumptions inherent in the massive numbers of migration from a “home” called the South to the urban landscapes of the North? Is there one reading that is most effective? Use direct evidence from this unit’s assigned reading selections to support your point of view.  (150 words)

And respond to two other students answer 2-3 sentences for each (I will send you privately).

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