The Ethical relativism chapter 3 prompt essay paper

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The Ethical relativism chapter 3 prompt essay paper

ETHICAL RELATIVISM This prompt refers to Chapter 3 and Modules from Week #3 as well as Week #4. Answer all parts of this prompt in the proper order.

Define the theory of ethical relativism, and give an example of the theory (from the book; chapter text or narratives)
Explain at least 1 problem with the theory (out of the list of “6 problems”).
In your view, is ethical relativism a theory that we can use as a moral guideline when dealing with other cultures? Why or why not?

General Hints:

“Identify,” or “Give an account,” means to describe someone’s theory as accurately as you can.
When a prompt asks you to “define,” you need to come up with other words that express the same idea, as clearly as you can, also as if you were writing to someone who has never heard of the theory before.
When a prompt asks you to “explain,” you need to describe the theory in great detail, so someone who has never heard of it before can understand what it is all about. The explanation should include the philosopher’s intention or purpose (= why is he or she putting those thoughts together? What point are they trying to make?).
“Analyze” usually means to identify the author’s goal and means of achieving it, and add your opinion: Is the author’s theory well founded, or not?

You have to use, and refer to, the textbook and the relevant Module(s). The only research of outside sources allowed for this essay is research of links provided in the Modules, but it is not required. If you refer to or quote sources linked in the Modules, you have to provide a list of Works Cited/Bibliography. Use MLA, APA, or CMS style. Keep quotes short and relevant. You may quote yourself from the Discussion Forum if you have written about the same subject, but that must be referenced.

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