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Systems and Agencies

Answer all of the following questions:

Can system objectives be realistically established across a broad range of autonomous or semi-autonomous agencies and departments?

Is it desirable to have consistent objectives across different departments and agencies? Does the lack of a cohesive system of objectives, goals, and mission statements seriously impair the waging of the war on terror?

Often left out of the establishment of agency goals and priorities is the general public. Yet, the public is the key constituency that First Responders seek to protect and to render assistance in the event of an act of terrorism. Should the public have a role in establishing the system objectives of an agency or department? Explain your answer.

Share any relevant experience you may have that illustrates how an agency, department, or company crafted its mission goals and system-wide objectives. Be sure to identify the challenges the organization faced in crafting these objectives and the degree to which the organization met its mission in establishing these goals and benchmarks. Your response should be at least 4 paragraphs. Respond to at least three of your colleagues in each of the discussion board areas.


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