Stakeholders and crisis management | Management homework help


Organizations and businesses today are more complex and networked than in any previous historical period. Because of the numerous transactions of corporations, methods are required to understand an organization’s moral obligations and relationships to its constituencies. 

Instructions: Write a 2-3 page essay on the following:

Research a corporation that has had to publicly manage a crisis in the past year. Locate research about the crisis. In a 2-3 page essay, summarize the crisis, analyze the company’s response to the crisis, and consider what the company should have done differently in its handling of the crisis. Support your analysis with content from Weiss and from at least two other relevant sources. 


• A Word document, written in third person with no use of first-person “I.” 

• 2-3 pages, excluding the Title and Reference page. 

• APA format, including in-text citations for referenced works. 

• Three resources cited, the textbook by Weiss and at least two additional sources.  

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