Squatty potty: as-sessing digital marketing campaign data


Using the data included in the spreadsheet, rate the overall efficacy of the campaign by any criteria you deem relevant. Where possible, apply specific 


Using the data in the Excel spreadsheets, create a 12-month forecast for a new, follow-up vi-ral video from Squatty Potty to be released January 1, 2017. List your assumptions for the forecast based on the historical data and any other information you can find. Additionally, calculate what you believe are the relevant marketing and financial metrics for this forecast.


Although Squatty Potty did an admirable job of creating feedback mechanisms to tie sales to views of the video, how could Squatty Potty have improved that effort? What data should the company attempt to capture through its next viral video promotion?


What does the Facebook Targeting information in the Excel spreadsheets reveal about Squat-ty Potty’s market? Are there any groups either not targeted or under-represented in the target-ing?


Given what you have learned from the data, what ideas do you have for Squatty Potty’s future promotional campaigns? Explain five ideas.

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