Spicy wings case | Statistics homework help


Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to develop students’ abilities to combine the knowledge of descriptive statistics covered in Weeks 1 and 2 and one-sample hypothesis testing to make managerial decisions. In this assignment, students will develop the ability to use statistical analysis and verify whether or not a claim is valid before advertising it. 

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Microsoft Excel®, Spicy Wings Case Study, Spicy Wings Data Set 

Write a 200-300-word statistical analysis paper based on the Spicy Wings Case Study and Data Set. Include the following components:

Use descriptive statistics to compute a measure of performance John can use to analyze his delivery performance. Make a recommendation in a short narrative including the following:

  • What percent of the Saturday      deliveries would result in a customer receiving a free order?

Use the Excel Spreadsheet to show your work.

Format your assignment consistent with APA format with at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference and at least one reference from the assigned readings. Please include an Introduction, at least two (2) Level One Headings and Conclusion Heading.

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