Speech draft for two and half minutes. i have a presentation is


speech draft for two and half minutes. 

I have a presentation is talking about a robot, and my part is business impact. I need a speech draft for my presentation.

there is my teammates notes for the second graph

As the graph shows, robotics in manufacturing is not a thing of the future, it is happening today. Sawyer is cheaper than the salary of 1 laborer to replace him, but he does not require any sort of benefits that would normally be given to employees. Benefits, such as health insurance, are costs that add up greatly. Other costs to the business incurred from normal workers are workers compensation in the case of injury, breaks, vacations, sick leave etc. Because Sawyer requires only minimal training and an electrical input he can work tirelessly, forever.

the attached  two slides as my part.

  1. by the way, the name of the product is Sawyer robot
  2. and there is a company using the robot, the company name is acorn sale.


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