Specialized in computer science major only!

I’m looking for specialized in business information systems, business analysis, and Computer science majors. I have 3 classes which are, Data Analysis and Reporting, Data Analysis/Visualization and Predictive Data Analysis. 

Data Analysis and Reporting Class / Is SQL database / ERDs so you will use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio inside the Vmware Horizon client. 

Data Analysis/Visualization Class / Is excel database and you will use excel 2016 inside the Vmware Horizon client. 

 I will put the syllabus here and please read it carefully and tell me if you can handle the classes. please note if you can not take the responsibility or you’re not the right person I’m looking for please ignore this announcement. I don’t want to waste my time again! I’m looking for someone and never give me good work. That’s all. Before you do anything READ the syllabus.

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