(Solved) : Perform The Following Estimations Withoutsg Ca Calculator . . .

Perform the following estimations without using ca calculator.

(a) Estimate the mass of water (kg) in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

(b) A drinking glass is being filled from a pitcher. Estimate the mass flow rate of the water (g/s).

(c) Twelve heavy weight boxers coincidentally get on the same elevator in Great Britain. Posted on the elevator wall is a sign that givens the maximum safe combined weight of the passengers, W max, in stones (1 stone = 14lbm ≈ 6kg). If you were one of the boxers, estimate the lowest value of W max for which you would feel comfortable remaining on the elevator.

(d) An oil pipeline across Alaska is 4.5 ft in diameter and 800miles long. How many barrels of oil are required to fill the pipeline?

(e) Estimate the volume of your body (cm3) in two different ways. (Show your work)

(f) A solid block is dropped into water and very slowly sinks to the bottom. Estimate its specific gravity.

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