Socw 6103 week 1 discussion – discussion: the evolution of addiction | SOCW 6103 – Introduction to Addictions | Walden University

Discussion: The Evolution of Addiction Models

There are differences on how addiction is seen from a moral failing, with people suffering from addiction shunned for their weakness to addiction being considered a disease that can be treated.

Addiction work incorporates several models for understanding addiction and addictive behavior. Addiction models not only attempt to explain the causes and behaviors of addiction, but they are also used as a basis for treatment. To understand the current approach of addiction treatment, it is essential to study the various historical models of addiction, as each has influenced the understanding and treatment of addiction today. It is also imperative to distinguish between different types of addiction because they may be best described by different models. For example, chemical dependence is a type of indigestive addiction of alcohol or drugs, whereas a process or behavioral addiction is considered a behavioral pattern such as gambling addiction (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016).

For this Discussion, you consider how the definitions, perceptions, and treatment of addiction have evolved.

To Prepare:

Go to the Walden Library and locate at least two recent articles discussing the current view of addictions.

Provide a Discussion Post which contains the following content, topics, and headings:

–  A comparison between two models from the text that explain how addiction treatment has been viewed. 

– Briefly explain the articles you located on current conceptualizations of addiction and identify if there are similarities from the models you found in your additional research.

– Explain how these models have influenced perceptions of and treatment for addiction.

Must contain at least 3 references and citations 

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