Soap note (nurse practitioner) | Nursing homework help

 You must use this template for Soap note (attached below)(second attach)

Soap note about A patient with  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease  

The Chief Complaint, Patient info, HPI, Plan section, and references must all be of your own work and no copy-paste.

The Main Areas of Focus that will be checked for plagiarism is Chief Complain, History of Present Illness (HPI), Assessment with Rationale and Explanation, and the Plan. All of this should be in your own words and not copy-pasted from a past note or website or book. There should be minimum likeness noted by turn it in software in these areas. 

The Objective and Subjective information can be from a template (Standard Documentation) and will only be looked at for content and not for plagiarism.

 Follow the  Soap Note Rubric as a guide 

Use APA format and must include minimum of 2 Scholarly Citations. (no more than 5 years)

 Turn it in Score must be less than 10% or will not be accepted for credit, must be your own work and in your own words.  Copy paste from websites or textbooks will not be accepted or tolerated. Please see College Handbook with reference to Academic Misconduct Statement. 

 The Assessment and Plan should be of your own work and individualized to your made up patient.  

About the complementary test indicated for the patient,  the results found need to be explained

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