Smgt 520 – annotated bibliography assignment | SMGT 520 – Understanding Research in Sport, Recreation, and Tourism | Liberty University



Researching a topic in the Sport Profession begins with the approved Research Topic & Research Questions from Discussion: From Research Topic to Research Question. After Professor approval (Grading of Discussion: From Research Topic to Research Question), the student must begin to gather qualified professional materials found throughout the literature. A thorough and exhaustive search and review of literature in the Sport Profession will enable the student to most completely and relevantly begin to study the selected topic. Learning in detail, of a new topic, begins with an exhaustive review and study of what other researchers have found, or not found. The best way to learn more about a given topic, to study and show themselves approved, is to review the professional work of others in the field.


Prepare and submit an annotated bibliography consisting of the 15 peer-reviewed professional sources to be used weekly in several proceeding assignments through the end of the term. Your focus will be on one of the following:

1.A selected research topic related to sport or recreation management (Thesis-Track Students).

2. A sport or recreation management topic of interest related to practitioner research and professional development, the application of research in the workplace, knowledge transfer, integrating research skills to solve pragmatic problems, etc. (Non-Thesis Track Students). 

The annotated bibliography is an alphabetical listing of all Professional sourced material including proper reference (current APA format) to all the literature on your topic. A brief paragraph explaining the contents of each entry is required designed to not only summarize the article or book or list its contents, but more importantly, briefly explain the author’s main point or argument; the author’s method or approach; and the place of the piece in the literature as a whole (e.g., does the author agree with other scholars?). 

Professional Sources are the ONLY acceptable sources to be used including journal articles, textbooks, other books, trade publications, government documents/reports, dissertations/thesis, professional conference materials, etc.

The Annotated Bibliography must begin with a proper Title Page and must provide a solid overview of the existing state of the discussion of your approved topic/area of study. 

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