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   Find an a small business that is using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to promote their products or services.

Give some advantages and disadvantages this company’s use of social media.

 How effective do you think this strategy is? Why? What is one thing would you recommend the business due to enhance its social media results?

 Supporting Activity – Special Discussion – Improving the Course

It’s always amazing to see how much progress each of you has made over the past six weeks.

In these classes, you each come in with your own past experience. Some with no experience; others are pros.

My goal is to help each of you succeed, but I cannot do it for you. You each have to learn how to work on your own and find things for yourselves. You will not have an instructor on call in the “real” world. You will, however, have the internet, and your friends and associates to call on for help. In this class you have helped each other and shared your ideas. I hope this has helped you develop your skills.

Please let me know if this class has helped you…

As this is a new version of this class, your improvement suggestions are welcome.

As noted earlier, we previously had a requirement of at least 8 substantive post per week with the requirement to respond to with post to the 3 core questions posted each week.

The new requirements are for at least 3 posts per week.

I strongly believe in the importance of the discussion and in fully formed responses.

My intent is to require a minimum of three post and optional additional discussion.

Does this requirement support and promote learning? or should I look for a different mix?

Also, please share your suggestions for succeeding in this class and I will post these for future students…

Note: although I require references in responding to posts, I will accept your observations without references for 

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