“show me the way” by peter frampton is from the first “big album”


“Show Me the Way” by Peter Frampton is from the first “big album” sales-wise,Frampton Comes Alive.  Given his background, how is this a departure from his previous band  experience? What instrumentation is used that sounds new in this  recording? How does his vocal delivery correspond to the lyrical  content?

“More Than a  Feeling” by Boston is an example of blending blues-rock with progressive  rock. How does the instrumentation add to the ebb and flow of the song?  Where do believe the “hook” of the song begins? Elaborate.

The  Sex Pistols were the first popular punk group from England. “Anarchy in  the UK” offers an example of their attitude to mainstream English  culture and authority. How does the music reinforce the lyrical stance?  Does the performance present the group as a force or as merely a trend?  Elaborate.

“My Best Friend’s Girl”  by The Cars shows an early example of New Wave crossing over to  commercial radio. How does the music develop throughout the song? Are  there poignant highlights that distinguish sections? Does the vocal  delivery evoke an emotional response or is it void of emotion? What  makes it “radio-friendly”?

“Billie  Jean” by Michael Jackson is significant in many ways. What breakthrough  was it culturally? Musically, how does the groove fit against the vocal  delivery? How does the production play into the presentation?

“”Like  a Virgin” by Madonna displays her affinity for dance and controversy.  How does her image project into the musical performance? Is there any  similarity between her and Jackson’s production value?

“Don’t  Stand So Close to Me” by The Police offers a glimpse of the group at  the height of their popularity and creative flow. How do their roots in  ska and reggae show through in this piece? Does the band’s technical  prowess overshadow the song? How does the vocal delivery support the  lyrical content?

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