Sensation and perception parti slip opportunity

Pick an option below and find a great legitimate example. Provide proof by citing your source (make sure it is a reliable source).

1. Different animals have different thresholds/capabilities when it comes to their senses. Find an animal that has a really cool ability/really unique senses (or lack there of) and tell us some details about them. Why do you think they have these abilities (or lack there of)?

2. Do some research on subliminal perception. Do these perceptions really have an effect on us? Does subliminal advertising work?

3. Note and explain an example of Sensory Adaptation (be careful not to accidentally give an example of habituation).

4. Have a really awesome example of an illusion? Share it with us and talk about what’s going on. Explain using course content–why is it an illusion, meaning why are we confused by the stimuli/why do we struggle to make sense of the sensory info/why are we making perceptual errors?

5. Record and post yourself doing a magic trick and explain how this ties to our Sensation and Perception content/what’s going on from a Sensation and Perception perspective.  

6. These are all just examples of things to research and talk about, but feel free to discuss anything else related to this content area! Did something else come to mind while watching the lectures? Share here! (Maybe Phantom Limb interested you… or synesthesia… or pain sensation and perception…there are lots of cool topics!)

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