Rt 4 | BUSI 520 – Strategic Marketing Management | Liberty University

Product/Service Topic Identification

Each student must choose an existing consumer product/service to analyze for the Disruptive Marketing Plan.  
You will submit a proposal in 4 pages regarding your idea using the template. Three
references, including one Journal of Marketing reference, are required.

Important: Written Assignment Requirements
Your papers should adhere to the current APA format…and that includes the following:
 Times New Roman 12 Font
 Double-Spacing with zero-point line spacing (10-point line spacing not allowed)
 One Inch Margins
 Cover Page and Reference Page
 And more…using the current edition of the APA manual as the guide.
Also, the following expectations are required in your writing style:
 Use subject headers for all papers – your reader appreciates and expects that level of organization to your
 No visuals in the paper – put in the Appendix if needed. Do not put tables in UNLESS you developed the
table yourself.
 Avoid “I” statements – do not talk about yourself, present facts.
 Deliver at least the minimum word count requirement.
 No contractions.
 Use the templates provided strictly – do not change or delete subject headers.
 No PDF files are accepted.
 The first line of each new paragraph should be indented five spaces.
 No extra blank lines between paragraphs – deliver a ‘tight’ paper!  All students must be graded based on
the same writing approach.
 If you use an online source, please include the exact web link on the reference page as sources will be
 Avoid using bullet points and numbered lists – write formally, in full paragraphs and full sentences
 No abbreviations – if you are referring to the United States of America, write it out. Do not state ‘The
The US’ – this is not good academic writing.
 Always include a cover page and reference page!
 The reference page and in-text citations must match exactly.
 Authored articles must be used to meet your requirement.  An authored source is simply one associated with a person’s full name.  No wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts, dictionaries,
or encyclopedias qualify as a formal authored source. It is fine to use a website like the United States
Census Bureau, but no ‘human’s name’ is associated with it.  You may use it, but it will not
count as one of the required authored sources you must deliver.

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