Rhetorical analysis on “how to poison the earth” by linnea saukko

*The paper should follow APA format and be 4.5 page long (of text). Include a title page, abstract, and references page. The paper will be 7 pages long total.

1)Who is the writer? (Is there anything in the writer’s background that might influence what is (or is not) included in the argument?

2). What is the writer’s purpose? What does the writer hope to achieve?

3). What question has the writer decided to address? How broad is the question?

4).What situation created the need for the argument? 

5)At what point in the argument does the writer appeal to logic? To the emotions? How does the writer try to establish his or her credibility?

6)How does the writer organize the argument? How effective is the arrangement of ideas?

7).What evidence does the writer use to support the argument? Does the writer use enough evidence?

8) Does the writer use smiles, metaphors and allusions?

9) Does the writer use parallelism, repetition, and rhetorical questions?

10) Give your analysis , what is your overall assessment of the argument?

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