Residency – business intelligence. outline of the project, research

Research paper:

Select an organization of your choosing. This can be real or hypothetical, but it has to be realistic.  Please ensure to review the basics from chapters 1-3 and relate these basic concepts to the predictive analytics components from part two (Chapters 4-7) in your text.  

Then, select a key area of predictive analytics (from chapters 4-7) to implement in the organization. You must indicate,

why the predictive analytic component will be implemented by noting the problem you are trying to solve, how your team will solve the problem with the selected method (this must be a thorough, in-depth analysis), and presenting your findings using a PowerPoint presentation.

For example, let’s say your organization is going to implement a new Security Operations Center to address cybersecurity concerns. Explain how predictive analytics will play a significant role in this project.  

Note any Big Data Challenges or other technology or cultural challenges you may face and how you will mitigate these challenges in your presentation.

The requirements for this project are 10 to 15 pages properly APA formatted.  

Here is an outline you can use for the project to establish section heads: 

A.  Introduce The Organization

a. Industry, Location, Competitors, Employees

B. Infrastructure

a. Enterprise Layout, physical, logical, geographical, functional

C. Business Model

a. Operating Model for-profit, non-profit, Federal or State Government

D. Current Information Technology 

a. Architecture, Platforms, Applications, Cloud, On-premises, Hybrid, etc.

E. Business Problem

a. The current business problem(s) that AI or descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analytics can address

F. Design and Implementation

a. Chosen methods of design and implementation

G. Results and Summary

a. Discuss the results of implementing an AI solution and results as they pertain to your project


The PowerPoint Presentation is an Executive Summary of your written research paper.  This requires a minimum of 10 Slides with notes summarizing your project.  However, be sure not to copy and paste excerpts from your written research paper in this summary.  The summary requires its unique general language for its intended audience. 

Outline of the Residency project

1. Title and purpose of your project 2. The company and industry you are focusing on and related rationale 3.The overview of how the company is functioning today and the problem the team is trying to solve 4.The chapter method they are focusing on – Chapter 4-7 and why they have selected this area 5. Design and Implementation 6.  Results 7. Conclusion 

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