Research in history part 2

I am attaching the answers to the Research in History Part 1 – Those answers will be needed to answer the following below. 


Research in History: Reinforcing Information Literacy

PART 2: Create a bibliography in the Turabian style. 

Summary: For this assignment, you will:

· Revise research question and source list in response to instructor feedback on Part 1

· Read/watch tutorials about formatting in the Turabian style.

· Arrange sources in properly formatted Turabian style bibliography.

· Write about the process of revision and formatting. 

Grades will be based on the quality of revisions to research question and source list, accuracy of formatting, and the quality of writing. The assignment will be graded according to the rubric provided.

Step 1: Review feedback

Review instructor feedback and refer to relevant tutorials in Part 1 for additional help.

Step 2: Revise 

Revise your research question as needed. Type the revised research question into a new Word document using the sample bibliography provided. Do not rewrite or resubmit Part 1.

Select new or additional sources, if needed. Follow the relevant steps in Part 1 and recommendations from instructor feedback. 

Step 4: Tutorials

Use this link to view a tutorial on citing sources in the Turabian style. 

Use the Turabian Quick Guide provided with this assignment as a reference.

To see an example of a bibliography in a paper formatted in the Turabian style, use this link. The bibliography is on the last page of the document.

Optional: For additional help with Turabian formatting, look for resources on this library page: 

Step 5: Bibliography

Arrange your sources into a correctly formatted bibliography using the Turabian style. Use the sample bibliography to achieve the correct page layout. Arrange sources in alphabetical order and be sure to include all relevant citation information.

Step 6: Tutorials

Use this tutorial from the Online Writing Center to learn about the essential elements of a good paragraph in academic writing. 

Carefully review the Writing Tips provided with this assignment.

Optional: Use the tutorials on this page for additional writing help as needed. Pay particular attention to the General Writing tutorials on Sentence Construction and Spelling-Check Unreliability.

Online Writing Center: Writing Aids 

Step 7: Describe your work

Write two or three paragraphs (200-250 words total) describing what you have learned about formulating a research question, selecting sources, and formatting. Do not take up space in the paragraph with your research question or the titles of the sources. Do not write in first person (I, me, our) or in second person (you).

Here is an example of the kind of writing you will need. Do not copy or paraphrase this paragraph. Each student’s experience will be different and will yield a different account. This example is only one paragraph, but you will write two.

Writing a good research question and selecting quality sources requires some background knowledge of the subject. For example, research on Magna Carta requires the student to know something about the historical context including the time period and the people involved. This is also essential for selecting appropriate sources. In a cursory search for sources, many of the book and articles are about the lasting impact of the document and are focused on a much later time period. 

Type your paragraphs into the bibliography as shown in the sample format. 

Finish and Submit

Review Steps 1-7 above. Check your work to make sure it is accurate and complete. Proofread your paragraphs to eliminate writing mistakes.

Save your work as a Word document and submit it in Blackboard. 

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