research article critique this part is not covered completely i just found the first 4515415

Research Article Critique

This part is not covered completely, I just found the first two questions

please complete it:

(3) Introduction and Literature Review (4 points)

Use the criteria to evaluate the article. Prepare a written critique
according to the criteria set. You do not need to answer each specific
question. Summarize and cover the relevant points.


Is the general purpose of the study clear?

Is the study significant? Will it make a practical or theoretical contribution?

Is the introduction well organized and clear?

Is the review comprehensive?

Is the review up to date?

Is there an emphasis on primary sources?

Is there a critical review or summary of findings?

Is the review well organized? Does it contain extraneous information?

Does the review clearly relate previous studies to the current research problem?

Does the review help establish the importance of the research?

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