Renaissance mardrigals due asap!!!!!! | English homework help


Renaissance Madrigals

Step 1

Click on this link (Links to an external site.)  to be taken to a website about Renaissance music. Read about motets and  madrigals, and the differences between them. Also, read  about homophonic and polyphonic textures. On the same website, listen to  the examples of a motet (“Ave Maria, Gratia Plena”) and a madrigal (“As  Vesta Was Descending”).

Step 2

Print out a copy of the lyrics to the Renaissance madrigal by Orlando di Lasso.

Madrigal Lyrics.docxPreview the document         or       Madrigal Lyrics.pdfPreview the document

Step 3

Listen to the example of a Renaissance madrigal by Orlando di Lasso. Follow along with the lyrics as you listen to the piece.

Link (Links to an external site.)  

Step 4

Listen to Monteverdi’s “Lamento della Ninfa” (Links to an external site.) and follow along with the lyrics (Links to an external site.) here.

Step 5


Think of a song today that has a  similar message to either Monteverdi’s madrigal or di Lasso’s madrigal,  and post a thread about it. 

You will:

1) Name the title and artist of the song you picked.

2) Paste or embed a YouTube link to the song.

3) Refer to some of the lyrics in your song that have a similar message to one of the madrigals.


The humanities aren’t always so  reverent, pure, or respectful. Indeed, some of the most interesting  works are the most provocative. Don’t be afraid to be provocative here,  but please do so in a way that will not deliberately alienate or offend  your classmates. Also, please understand that some of these videos and  songs posted by classmates may contain sensitive topics.

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