quesion 1define the flow of funds model provided in this unit explain each component 4529054

Quesion 1Define the flow of funds model provided in this unit, explain each component and how fundsflow from savers to producers.question 2Construct a pro forma income statement for the first year and second year for the followingassumptions:Units of Sales in Year 1: 110,000Price per Unit: $11Variable cost per unit: 30%Fixed Costs: $125,000Income taxes: 15%Interest Expense: $200,000In year 2, Price per unit increases to $11.50, and unit of sales increases by 5%, all otherassumptions remain the same.quetion 3Calculate the sustainable growth based on the following information_D= 30%ROE = 25%question 4Calculate a table of interest rates for 5 years based on the following information:The pure interest rate is 2%Inflation expectations for year 1 = 3%, year 2 =4%, years 3-5 =5%The default risk is .1% for year one and increases by .1% over each yearLiquidity premium is 0 for year 1 and increases by .2% each yearMaturity risk premium is 0 for years 1 and 2 and .3% for years 3-5

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