Quality improvement initiative powerpoint presentation

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation (including introduction and conclusion slides, but not counting title and references slides) that includes your University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics QI initiative, “Quality Improvement Measure, “Patients who ‘Strongly Agree’ they understand their care when they left the hospital” under the “Survey of Patients’ Experiences” category.

  • Your PowerPoint Presentation must present the required criteria listed below:
    • Describe the nature of the business, services or products, and customers served by your chosen hospital.
    • Evaluate your measure, “Patients who ‘Strongly Agree’ they understand their care when they left the hospital,” under the “Survey of Patients’ Experiences” category.
    • Discuss the importance of this measure (e.g., accreditation status, patient safety, and/or financial status of the hospital).
    • Define two to three SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals for your measure to improve. 
    • Analyze specific local, state, or national policies (e.g., The Joint Commission       Standards) that have been developed to improve your measure based on evidence-based practice research.
    • Identify at least three quality improvement and/or risk management tools or methodologies needed for your QI initiative.
    • Judge the stakeholders involved to accomplish your QI initiative.
    • Examine other resources (e.g., time, financial, materials, etc.) required for your QI initiative.
    • Assess an appropriate advanced HIT that can be used to support your QI initiative.
    • Describe how your QI initiative can be incorporated into the organization’s overall strategic plan.
    • Determine how to evaluate the effectiveness of your QI initiative.
  • You are to create your presentation as though you were presenting the elements to a group for review.   Add speaker’s notes to the bottom of each slide for ease of narration (as this will be presented in a video script) and to provide accessible content to students with accessibility needs. 
  • Must use at least six scholarly or peer-reviewed sources published in the past five years and format in APA style.

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