Python programming help with the project


Need some help in assisting with the python code in jupyter notebooks. There are two parts in the project and there is some code in already written in the jupyter notebooks. All we need is the fill out the missing code and generate a visual for the data set.Below is the more specific you can see

There is ipynb files for the Project 1 and Project 2 that are in the attached zip folder. This is split into two parts

Part 1 : Is to complete the Jupyter Notebooks for both Project1 and Project2.

Part 2: You will write a report about this Project.

Also discuss the Visualizations you created or provided to you for each project and what do the visualizations tell you?

How did they affect your decision tree building decisions?

Did you create any additional visualization?

Finally, After you build the decision tree and visualize it, you will need to play with the parameters as I explained at the end of the Jupyter Notebook. So in these section, describe in details how you improved your results using different parameters.

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