Proposal essay on how to promote campus diversity


I need both an outline of the proposal and the essay

Both have to be based on Chapter 25 of the book (Attached)


Proposal Prompt:


1.            Choose one issue concerning diversity on campuses as discussed in the Ch. 25 readings (no outside sources please)


Note: it says “diversity on campuses.”  If you discuss other aspects of diversity, you will be off topic and will receive zero points for this assignment. No exceptions.


2. Write a 5 – 6 page proposal regarding the issue. Your proposal is the course of action or change in policy that you are putting forth.


Your proposal outline and essay must include:


1. A proposal claim


1.  Three reasons (evidence) why this course of action needs to be taken


2. The definitions of all key terms that are found in your argument.


     Hint: you will need to define “diversity.”


3. Quantitative (hard evidence p. 218) and qualitative evidence (values, traditions, emotions… p. 219) to support your argument


 4. Elements of ethos” and “pathos”


5. The future effects of the adoption of your proposal &


     The future effects if your proposal is not adopted.






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