Project apa | Computer Science homework help

1.Circuit City was an American consumer electronics company founded by Samuel Wurtzel  in 1949. 

2.By 1990s, Circuit City became the second largest consumer electronics store in the  United States with annual sales of $12 billion. 

3.On March 8 2009, Circuit City shutdown all its stores.

4.On January 8th at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Circuit City CEO  announced a comeback and relaunch of Circuit City into “a dynamic, a social-focused ecommerce site” and a new business strategy for its retail stores12

5.In this case study, assume that Circuit City hired you as the new chief information officer (CIO) to help relaunch the company into a global e-commerce multinational company. 

6.Create a PowerPoint presentation containing the IT strategic plan that will address Circuit City ecommerce initiatives.

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