Professional consulting in is – project idea and description with

BIT 595: Professional Consulting in IS

** Minimum 1-2 page with details about Project Idea which include a brief description of your idea and project timeline. **

Mostly it will be complete design. 

Project Idea and Approval

1. Discuss your preliminary ideas with course professor.

Your project idea is your responsibility. Ideas may come from coursework; class or team discussions; your workplace; past experiences; needs identified; or prototypes developed to solve remembered problems.

2. Submit your project idea by end of second week of the semester. This must include a brief description of your idea and project timeline. The project timeline includes the processes involved in meeting the course objectives. Project approval will come from your professor.

The final Project Requirements is as below

In the Professional Consulting in IS course you must:

1. design, plan and/or implement an IS project demonstrating the skills and knowledge learned in the MSIS coursework,

2. prepare a structured written report describing that project and deliverables,

3. make a formal presentation to the MSIS faculty, and

4. submit the approved report to the course professor.

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