Printer A This Highly Automated Printer Can Be Purchased For 830 000 And Will Re

Printer A: This highly automated printer can be purchased for $830,000 and will require $40,000 in installation costs. It will be depreciated using a five-year straight-line method. At the end of five years the machine can be sold for $400,000 before taxes with a book value of $43,500. If this machine is acquired, it is anticipated that the following current account changes would result:

Cash $ 25,400

Accounts Receivable $ 120,000

Inventories -$ 20,000

Accounts payable $ 35,000

 where there are no capital gains on the sale of the old printer tax, determine:

1. Initial investment

2. Operating cash inflows

3. Terminal cash flow [Note: This is at the end of year 5]

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