Prewriting Strategies 1 Analyze And Identify Your Audience Write Paragraph To Ex

Prewriting Strategies

1.     Analyze and identify your audience. write paragraph to explain who you will address in your paper and how they could benefit from your topic.

2.     Review the following list of prewriting strategies:

·        Brainstorming

·        Freewriting

·        Diagraming

·        Outlining

·        Journaling

3.     Choose 1 of the prewriting strategies to try for your essay. Provide an explanation of the strategy Explain why you selected this strategy, including what features lend themselves to your style of writing. Discuss whether it worked and whether it helped you to develop ideas.

4.     Of all of the prewriting strategies you did not select, which would do you feel would be the least help to you? Explain why.

5.     Revise your introductory paragraph from last week to apply the feedback from your instructor.

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