Present Two Cross Tabulation Tables Pairing A Dimension Of Your Choice With The

Present two cross-tabulation tables, pairing a dimension of your choice with the frequency of readmission within 30 days. First, create a binary variable that flags if the readmit comes back within 30 days. Will send the attachment to the email address. this can be used: data work.anlt; set anlt.vila_health_los_and_readmission; if readmit_days ne ‘ ‘ then do; if readmit_days = ’01-07’ then Readmit_30=1; else if readmit_days = ’08-30’ then Readmit_30=1; else Readmit_30 = 0; end; datesort = intnx(‘qtr’, ADMIT_DATE, 0); Year_Qtr_Descr = put(admit_date,yyq6.); run; proc sort data=anlt; by datesort; run; title ‘Crosstabulations of readmittance within 30 days overall by DRG’; footnote ‘Out of readmissions’; proc report data=anlt; columns DRG_APR_DESC Year_Qtr_Descr (Readmit_30=Count Readmit_30=mean); define DRG_APR_DESC / group ‘DRG’; define Year_Qtr_Descr / across order=data ‘Quarter Admitted’; define count / analysis n ‘Total Readmits’; define mean / analysis mean format=percent8.1 ‘Proportion within 30 days’; run; title; footnote;

I can email the dataset

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