Policy public health | English homework help

– 1 page, APA-7 format, in-text citation, references include

Read: https://onlinedegrees.unr.edu/blog/public-health-policy-issues/

Use: https://www.cdc.gov/policy/analysis/toolsandproducts/index.html

After reading the article, pick any policy addressing public health issues in the USA. Use the link above to  assess the chosen policy.  Answer the Framing Questions relevant to the policy you chose. Considering that the policy you analyze is already implemented (or is planned for implementation), offer an insight on “Feasibility: Likelihood that the policy can be successfully adopted and implemented”. Make sure to read the text defining  below the table to guide you in your answer. 

Offer evidence supporting your insight on the Feasibility. If you cannot find the evidence, offer specific measures to collect data for and to assess this policy feasibility. 

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