Personal experience of situated learning

 my major is general education, and I am taking situated learning EDST 1100.
Personal Experience of Situated learning (30%)
Due: February 13
Instruction: each student in the class will present a personal narrative of an example of situated learning as it is broadly defined and creatively expanded in each of the articles we will have read in class by that point. After your presentation, prepare a three-to-five page write-up of your narrative. This write-up should include a description of the story you told, how it relates to the theories we’ve discussed and read about together, a grade you give yourself on the presentation and a justification for that grade. What characteristics of situated learning were present in your personal narrative and the accompanying presentation? Which theories did you see playing out in the discussion? In the work of doing the write-up? In giving yourself an assessment? What went well in the experience and what didn’t? What was disappointing, surprising, inspiring? What did the experience of doing this assignment teach you about the larger issues of this course?

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