Part i. it is claimed that: “in today’s economic and industrial


Part I. It is claimed that: “In today’s economic and industrial environment, a systems approach to thedesign and operation of manufacturing and supply is more important than ever.” Do you agree with thisstatement, and why?

Relate your discussion to the characteristics of the “three industrial revolutions”, and the key concepts of systems approach.

Part II. Based on your understanding of the “prototype system model” and the necessary conditions for a system to functions effectively, discuss the following:

  1. a) The business success of Walmart operation
  2. b) Compare disaster management of Irma and Katrina

Part III. Apply your understanding of systems concepts and systems approach to a situation of your choice: describe the situation in systems terms (structure, communication/control, etc.), and then utilize your understanding of the generic conditions regarding systems structure and operation, and discuss whether this system has a good choice of being effective in reality (i.e.: relate the situation to the prototype system model and the list of required conditions for effective system operation; discuss: is the system properly structured and managed? If not, how can it be improved?)

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