On January 14 2011 Eura Mae Redmon Deeded Land To

On January 14, 2011, Eura Mae Redmon deeded land to her daughter, Melba Taylor, and two sons, W. C. Sewell and Billy Sewell, “jointly and severally, and unto their heirs, assigns and successors forever,” with the grantor retaining a life estate. W. C. Sewell died on November 18, 2011, and Billy Sewell died on May 11, 2013. Mrs. Redmon died on February 17, 2015. Melba Taylor then sought a declaration that her mother had intended to convey the property to the grantees as joint tenants, thereby making her, by virtue of her brothers’ deaths, sole owner of the property. Descendants of W. C. and Billy Sewell opposed the complaint on the ground that the deed created a tenancy in common among the grantees. Who is correct? Explain.

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