No-bs swot analysis

please do a SWOT analysis for the company. expecting at -least 900 words! if your answer is too general I will give bad rating and ask for refund. 

see attachment for the project to work on, locate the SWOT part on page 14.

-I have provided a general guideline for you to work on, please follow the guide and expand in-depth and detailed analysis

a SWOT has four basic part-  Strength, – weakness – opportunities  –  threats

please don’t write something that’s not unique to the company– no cliche- no BS-

reason why i’m not writing is because i have a CFA test tomorrow and need to study for it. — please take good care of the SWOT-

I also attached a first-hand from the management of the company and t about the company-  please please spend sometime reading them– won’t cost you more than 10 mins-

so that you know better about the company– please read them carefully before you start writing- you need to know the company!


for the project you work on 

although I have written a lot (from 1- 13 pages) about the company’s background and other info.  

please start writing on page 14. follow my guideline and expand your writing and please  go “in-depth” SWOT .!! and only write on SWOT

also “”

this link is helpful for you to write a better SWOT- check it out


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